Prey Xbox One Game


Prey Xbox One Game

Second hand in good condition.

1 Small crack in case under the sticker.

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It takes place in an alternate timeline that resulted in an accelerated Space Race and humankind taking to orbital stations far earlier. The player controls Morgan Yu while exploring the space station Talos I, in orbit around Earth–Moon , where they were part of a scientific team researching the Typhon, a hostile alien force composed of many forms with both physical and psychic powers, such as shapeshifting into a clone of any inanimate object.

As the Typhon escape confinement, the player uses a variety of weapons and abilities derived from the Typhon to avoid being killed while looking to escape the station. The player gains access to areas of the station by acquiring key items and abilities, eventually allowing the player to explore the station in an open world setting. The game combines elements of role-playing video games, stealth games, immersive sims and Metroidvanias in its design.


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