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What’s New With the Minecraft 1.17 Update

With the new Minecraft 1.17 Update just out its left many of us wandering what is new in the update. So lets find out.

Confusion With The Minecraft 1.17 Update

There has been a lot of confusion with the Minecraft1.17 update. Due to it being split into 2 sepperate updates its left many of us confused on what is actually different in this update.

On many Minecraft forums or Facebook groups the chat has been filled with people asking what exactly has the new update brought.

There has been so much anticipation i believe as always it can be met with some dismay after updates. The problem can be that Minecrafters wait a long time as the updates are usually announced shortly after the last one. So in effect have more time to get exited over the new prospects.

Also by announcing the updates in the next 1.18 version, has confused many that havent been following closely to the Minecraft posts.

What Some Expected to Find

Ironically in the update called Caves and Cliffs, I think we were all pretty quick to notice that the scenery hasn’t changed much. This is largely due to this update providing more of a platform to merge the world generation better with the next update this winter. One thing you might notice though is the new mountain textures for the ores, this feature did come with part 1.

Another missing entity that many have spoke about is the warden. A much anticipated entity to Minecraft. Unfortunately we will have to wait a bit longer to see this guy.

The problem is that these features where some that many anticipated the most, so they were easy to spot that they weren’t there.

We all cant wait untill were able to spend hours exploring the mountains or making our way down a brand new cave system. Allowing for so many different ways of mining and collecting ores.

What We Got in The Minecraft Summer Update

This update seems to be primarily focused on new blocks and the addition of some other super cool new entities. One being the axolotl. This cute creature may trick you as it hides a more sinister side by attacking most other water animals.

Minecraft axolotl

Along with that of course comes the well anticipated goat! Although the feature of this animal looses its charm after some time its certainly a good on to add to the general world feeling of the game. And of course, you now risk end your hardcore worlds at the butt of a goat now! So play it safe around these guys.

The glow squid being another new entity added in the 1.17 summer update, adding another wonderful element to the sea whilst swimming down far and the allowing you to create other glowing items using its mob drops.

You can now find blocks such as small and big dripleaf, pointed dripstone, caves vines and glow berries, azalea and azalea leaves, flowering azalea and flowering azalea leaves, hanging roots, rooted dirt, moss carpet, and moss block. 

The Caves Cliffs Update is here | Minecraft

What Other Blocks Are in The 1.17 Update

So amethyst geodes are now available as well as tinted glass, allowing you to create the spyglass! This amazing new feature can let players zoom in like a telescope in their surrounding area. For anyone using Opti fine its like pressing the “c” button.

For landscape and more nature style blocks we have small and big dripleaf, pointed dripstone, caves vines and glow berries, azalea and azalea leaves, flowering azalea and flowering azalea leaves, hanging roots, rooted dirt, moss carpet, and moss block.

As well as powdered snow in the high mountain areas, be careful as there is now cold damage if you get stuck in the snow.

You can also find deepslate blocks and ores. From diamonds to iron you can find these in the overworld and act much like the normal blocks.

And of course copper, and believe me you can find it anywhere! So dont stress about not having enough for your big project. Keep on mining and you will soon have enough to make your aged roof dream come true.


Although at first it may have seemed a bit disheartening to find some of the best new elements we were expecting. After going through all the items and entities we have infact got. I think its time we all saw back, relaxed and play on a bit of Minecraft.

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